RFC: Creative Cosmos, a CC Filesharing Community

draft I propose a Filesharing/Community system for Creative Commons content based on AudioGalaxy (1998-2002). The system shall be capable of transmitting small (1-10MB) files, especially Audio files, Graphics/Photos and Text documents. In order to ensure no unauthorised content enters the system (the core problem of AudioGalaxy),  only signed files are accepted (asymetric key authentication). Authorised … Weiterlesen

France bans Facebook and Twitter references from TV and Radio: No more monopoly, please!

27 May, France decided to ban the mention of Facebook and Twitter from public TV and Radio usage except when a story specifically deals with those subjects – they can say „Follow us on Social Networks, details on our website“, but no longer refer specifically to those two. Social Newsroom’s Benoît Raphaël and ZDNet’s Emil … Weiterlesen

Palestinian Statehood – a Chance for Israel?

US president Barack Obama proposed an independent Palestinian state in the borders of 1967 to Israel. Following that, the congress invited Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to speak before it – as one of only four foreign dignitaries to talk twice in a joint session -, and he refuted every compromise. On the other hand, Palestinian … Weiterlesen